thinkbaby - Trainer Cup Conversion Kit - Stage "C"


Presenting our cost-saving, eco-friendly Conversion - Replacement kit!

Designed to fit your thinkbaby 5oz, 9oz, or trainer cups. Allows parents to easily transform their thinkbaby bottles into trainer cups to continue to the next stage of feeding.

The thinkbaby Conversion Kit is the ultimate in green. Instead of having to toss out 8 to 16 baby bottles after year one, simply transform the bottle into our award winning Sippy Cup and extend the life of your baby bottles. what better way to to save money and eliminate excess environmental waste.

- Simply unscrew the top of the baby bottles
- Place the handle around the neck of the bottle
- Replace the nipple with the spout
- Tighten the top back on

And...Presto chango...thinkbaby's award winning Sippy Cup!!

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