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JuJuBe Zipper Pull Blind Boxes - Team Toki - Tokidoki Collaboration



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Let the FUN and GAMES begin with our Team Toki Blind Boxes!

Each Team Toki Blind Box contains THREE collectible zipper pulls sealed in a silver foil bag! You won’t know what you’ve got until you open it! SURPRISE!

Nine of your favorite Team Toki athlete zipper pulls compete for your attention! These interchangeable zipper pulls can easily be removed and replaced on your bag with a different character at any time. You’ll find your first collectible zipper pull on any Team Toki bag. Collect all NINE by getting a few Team Toki Blind Boxes. Still can’t find your favorite? Trade with a friend. FUN!

Team roster of collectible athletes: Donutella, Sandy, Mozzarella, Ciao Ciao, Biscotti, Super Panda, Surf Star, Donutino, and Kick Star. Who will WIN your heart?

Go for the gold and COLLECT THEM ALL!

**No returns/exchanges on Team Toki Blind Boxes.**