Ju-Ju-Be - Be Tagged - Scarlet Petals


Simple idea. You have a great bag, so you need a great bag tag. Slip in a business card and mark your territory in style!! (Marking your territory other ways isn't so stylish.)

- Fits a business card perfectly (or put in a picture of your cutie-pies)!!

- Great for labelling the contents of a bag, if needed.

- Giving a gift? Use this as the tag on it!

- 7" drop on the strap; can be tied on, looped on or locked on with a padlock (yes, it's that cute, you might need to!).

- Teflon ... so stains don't stick.

- AgION ... natures microbial treatment. No one likes yucky things that grow in the dark.

Dimensions: 5.25" x 2.75" (H x W)