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Innobaby – Bathin’ Smart Silicone Bath Scrub – Purple Fish


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Say goodbye to your germ-ridden rubber ducky and say hello to the all-new Innobaby Silicone Fish Scrub. Our Bathin’ Smart Silicone Fish Scrub gently washes and massages your child's body and scalp, while creating a calming and therapeutic bath time experience. Made from 100% Silicone, it is quick-drying, naturally resists mold, and is even dishwasher safe (no more stinky washcloths)! The grow-with-me bath scrub also doubles as a quiet and mess-free fidget toy for kids ages 6 years and up.

  • GENTLE ON ALL SKIN TYPES – Soft enough for even the smallest babies and gentle on sensitive skin, our Silicone Duck Scrub helps remove gunk and exfoliates dry skin.
  • MADE FROM 100% SILICONE – Silicone is naturally mold and mildew resistant, easy to clean, and plus it can be boiled for a deep cleaning.
  • CREATES A SOOTHING LATHER – Thousands of soft silicone bristles massage and soothe baby for a calming bath time experience.
  • DITCH THE STINKY WASHCLOTHS – Say goodbye to your smelly loofah, toss the mold filled ducky in the trash, and say HELLO to our naturally safe Silicone Fish Scrub.
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS – The soft silicone strands also create a gentle massage for sore breasts as a result of breastfeeding. Toddlers love using the Silicone Fish scrub too!

Additional features:

  • Bathin’ Smart Silicone Fish Scrub isn’t just for babies, the whole family can use it!
  • Moms can use the scrub in the bath to massage sore breasts from breastfeeding too.
  • Duck scrub creates a soothing foamy lather.
  • Made of 100% Silicone
  • Silicone is mold resistant, quick-drying, and durable.
  • Dishwasher safe or boil to sanitize. Shake dry after each use.
  • Measures 4.25′ x 4.5′ x 1.5′

Caution: This product is not a toy. Recommended for self-use by children 6 years and older. Intended to be used by adults while bathing babies and toddlers. Do not leave children unattended in the bathtub.