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Fresh, calm, muted … the smoky green of Embroidered Jade comes alive with an embroidered bird soaring atop Chromatics fabric. Designed by indigenous artist Ramila Bariya of the Bhil tribe, the intricate bird matches the Wild Life lining found inside. The theme of friendship between birds and animals appears frequently in Bhil art. In Wild Life, Ramila beautifully renders dotted deer, peacocks, and other local birds intermingling to decorate the neutral taupe background. Paired with satin silver hardware, each stitch tells a story with Embroidered Jade.

Proceeds from this collection of heritage art directly benefit the artist and their community. Art with a conscience …

How does it work? From the profits provided, an estimated 20% go to the artist while 80% is put into a community fund, where the village prioritizes how it can best be used to benefit their people, such as a dividend for every participating artist.