Why Your Child Needs a Wooden Toy

Before plastic was invented, children around the world use to play with wooden toys. Often hand carved and painted to perfection, these toys were cherished by nearly everyone. Ranging in a variety of different concepts, wooden toys can consist of hard wheels, springs or moving parts that make them loved by those of all ages.

Crab Calino Pulling Toy: Scuttling and scrabbling, Crab Calino scurries around the house by being pulled with a string with legs that wobble. Eight little legs are constantly in motion with the help from your active child! This product is made with beech wood, coloured with kid friendly paint and coated with non-toxic bees wax. Learn more here!

First Counting Fun Beads: 10 wooden beads that are handcrafted and strung together for threading. Each bead has a different number from 1-10, makes this a great toy for cognitive development and creative play! This product is made with beech wood and coloured with kid friendly paint.

Skyscraper Wooden Blocks: Aid your toddler and preschooler develop the proper skills for stacking, spatial thinking and creative skills with this unique set of building blocks! Made of solid, unfinished beech wood. Some pieces are painted with non-toxic, child friendly paints.

These and more are available for purchase in our online store. Wooden toys are beautifully made with high quality materials that make them long lasting and durable. These exceptional wood toys from Haba are sure to be a hit with your child!

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