We Love Ergobaby, and Here's Why You Should Too

Have you ever heard a new mom say, “as long as I’m holding him, he doesn’t cry!” Perhaps you have heard someone say this or maybe you yourself have said this. Well, there’s actually a reason for this.

Did you know that carrying your baby can help reduce stress in a newborn? Simply by hearing your heart, and breathing in the scent of your skin – your munchkin will be comfortable and relaxed all day long. While we all wish we had all the time in the world to tote our little love around all day, it is just not feasible - unless, of course, you have arms of steel, and a bunch of minions to do your daily tasks. According to Dr. Sears (http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/health-concerns/fussy-baby/baby-wearing/benefits-babywearing), “It is natural for baby to be close to his mother. Babies are happiest when being held by mom. Babywearing is a great practice for keeping baby happy and to help build a stronger bond between mom and her baby.” Take a look at this article that talks about the pros of baby carriers provide!

We here at Along Came Baby, absolutely have to tell you all about our favourite baby carrier - Ergobaby! It has an award-winning design and it’s entirely structured with your baby in mind! It easily holds your baby in an ergonomic natural sitting position that will benefit your child as it gives them the proper support they need without craning or straining their bodies or precious neck's.

Ergobaby is praised by both Mother’s and Father’s around the world, it just so happens that BabyCenter.com awarded Ergobaby as number one in a handful of different categories for being the absolutely best and most safe baby carrier for newborns. Most parents can agree that Ergobaby is an extremely well-made and suitable choice for parents when overcoming everyday challenges as they go about their day. The padded waist belt often ensures the baby’s weight is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders while the adjustable, cushy padded shoulder straps provide you with the ultimate comfort! Bonus! Ergobaby allows you to bond with your little one while you are out and about while your precious cargo gets to relax and snuggle with you all day long (who wouldn’t love that?

The Ergobaby Original Carrier is the perfect choice as you embark on everyday adventures. Go on, grab one for yourself today

We found this great graphic on the benefits of baby wearing on www.momlovesbest.com! Find the full article here: https://momlovesbest.com/benefits-of-babywearing

21 Amazing Babywearing Benefits by Mom Loves Best




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