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Style At Feeding Time

November 24, 2016

Style At Feeding Time

While we know meal time can be the cause of messes on messes on messes, there's no need to forget style during the "fun" of meal time! Our babies can have style at feeding time.

The last few years has seen a significant rise of the types of baby bib that is available on the market. Some bibs are great at catching messy food, others look cool as part of an outfit. We have both!

We carry two lines here at Along Came Baby, the Ju-Ju-Be-Neat line and the Aden + Anais line. Both are great and have fabulous features.

 A customer reviewed the Ju-Ju-Be-Neat bib, this is what she had to say:

 “The Be Neat is one of Ju-Ju-Be’s unsung heroes! Don’t be mistaken by thinking it’s “just another bib.” Au contraire! This lightweight mess-preventer is not only machine-washable like the rest of the Ju-Ju-Be lineup, but it is also reversible AND has a catch-all pocket to boot! The magnetic closure is super strong so grabby hands can’t yank it off (but watch out and make sure it doesn’t clip little fingers or hair!).

In this video, I’ll show you the different features of the Be Neat. It continues to be a staple in my diaper bag, even though my daughter is already in preschool. No spaghetti meal gets eaten without it!”

 The Aden + Anais "Dribble" 2 pack burpy bibs are a great size, and they're super absorbent, so the spit-up doesn't often dribble off the cloth; it absorbs right in.

This is what a new Mom has to say about the bibs:

“I love this product. This is my first child. I didn't know what to expect when it came time to feeding my son a bottle. We've had quite a few spit ups. Of course no bib is ever big enough for that sometimes unexpected and dreaded Exorcism-type spit up, but these bibs come pretty close. This product's larger size and cloth/material thickness, when compared to a normal-sized neck bib, are both great and are the two things that I like the most about this bib. These bibs have saved a few baby and momma articles of clothing from having to be washed. I like the fact that the bib can serve both as a bib and burp cloth! It is convenient for both my son and myself. The fabric is machine washable and does get softer with each wash.”

We think it’s important to purchase items that are functional yet still cute and fashionable. Let’s face it, sometimes feeding time can be messy. Might as well look good while doing it!

Treat yourself, your baby or a friend with one of our gorgeous bibs today!


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