Pool Safety for Infants

Now that Summer is in full swing, parents and children can finally enjoy the great outdoors and everything that comes with it! Many families, including ours, enjoy the water and fresh air. Getting your baby used to the water at an early age is important; not only for their comfort and yours but from a safety point of view as well! The earlier your little one’s are introduced to the water the faster they will become a water PRO!

Given the excessive heat that has been occurring over the past month or so, we wanted to bring up the importance of water safety.

  1. Be prepared to take an infant CPR course: There are infant/child CPR and Frist Aid courses available at your local Red Cross that can help get you certified! This is a valuable course because you can take the skills learned in this course to help you keep your loved ones safe outside of the water too! 
  1. Have your baby wear a personal floatation device that is fitted properly. We have found that Toys R Us has a wide selection of floaties, that come in variety of different colours, sizes and patterns that are sure to fit the needs of both you and your munchkin.
  1. Ensure that lifeguards are on duty and are properly equipped with good condition safety devices that are easily accessible in case of emergencies.
  1. Do not dunk your baby underwater.
  1. Please make sure that the pool drain has an anti-entrapment cover or automatic pump shut off.

While having fun in the sun this summer, don’t forget to keep your kiddo’s looking awesome  and wearing gear that protects them too! We’ve got the best of all three, comfort, style and protection. Check out our summer must haves from Baby Banz.

Please be safe this Summer!

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