Is There Anything Cuter?

Let’s face it, is there anything cuter than your baby wearing a headband? We think not! As a mother, I can’t help but spoil my baby with multiple different designs, prints and colours that accent not only her outfit but her hair as well. Beautiful, luxurious and elegant – headbands are used mainly to hold back hair from falling into a persons’ face. However, according to this article by InStyle – there are new ways to wear headbands that you can even try yourself as a parent! When it comes to wearing headbands, we highly recommend watching this video to ensure that the band is properly being fitted and placed on the child’s head to ensure security. Plastic headbands are great for everyday wear; however, the stretchy material of some headbands are great for athletic children that enjoy having their hair pulled back when participating in activities.

When it comes to babies wearing headbands, we highly suggest our tiaras and hair clips from No Slippy Hair Clippy, Baby Wisp and Sugary Bubbly! Together, both not only look great but are versatile as you can easily clip them to hats, clothing and toys. Alongside this, they comfortable and easy to wear on any occasion – in fact, you can even trade with your friends!

Treat yourself, your baby or a friend with a gorgeous headband today! They’ll love it.


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