Eww! There’s More Bacteria on Car Seats than on Toilets.

Being a parent often means wishing with every bone in your body that you will be able to protect your child every day of their life! It’s not a realistic wish, we know, but it is a wish nonetheless.

From breathable bedding that regulate body temperature to choosing the safest car seats – every moment and every choice is entirely wrapped with the thought of protection, love and mamma bear instincts! So, when we want safety, because safety is a must, we often have to sacrifice style for function.

But we, at Along Came Baby, believe that you deserve both! If you’re tired of the look of your safe, sturdy car seat, kick up your new car seat or make an old car seat like new again by using a fashionable car seat cover by Peanut Shell! The Peanut Shell car seat cover combines both fashion and durability so that your most precious cargo can be safe and stylish as you go about your day.

Did you know that childs car seats are dirtier than a household toilet if they aren’t being properly protected with a cover? According to this article, scientists have found 100 different strains of dangerous bacteria including e. coli and salmonella bugs. Not only this, but they also found that cars contain more potentially hazardous bacterial and fungal species than anywhere in our home! That is definitely not something you think about as you strap your kids into their car seats because we are know that you’re thinking about when the next feeding is, praying that your little one gives you more than two hours of sleep or debating weather to eat, sleep or gaze at this magnificent creature who stole your heart when you get home. We know how it goes. So, despite all the dropped food, diaper accidents and sick kids– cleaning a car seat isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind.

Bottom line, we want to help you protect your baby from germs that may end up getting your precious munchkin sick. And, we want to help you do this in style! The car seat covers that we carry from The Peanut Shell use soft, breathable cotton and spandex sateen and…best part… they are machine washable. So, the next time there is a spill or a diaper explosion (ugh!!), you’ll thank the powers that be that you can simply remove the cover and toss it into the wash to avoid the growth of germs and bacteria. Mamma Bear 1, Nasty Bacteria 0!

The Peanut Shell offers quite a few options in terms of prints and colours to choose from. We are sure you’ll find one that you love. Have a look for yourself!

Go on, pick one up today and protect your loved ones.




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