Can You Prevent Your Child from Getting Sick?

Parents! Did you know that there is far more bacteria on a shopping cart than a restroom toilet seat? According to Shirley,  there have been recent health warnings, swabs taken from shopping cart handles and seats that have shown saliva, blood, fecal matter, mucus and worse! Don’t fret, Itzy Ritzy is here to save the day and protect your child’s health.

With style, Itzy Ritzy has created a modern, multi-purpose product that packs on a number of dazzling punches to provide attractive solutions to everyday challenges without making you do a lot of work. As parents, we understand that you want the very best for your child and so do we! Take a look at the Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart Cover that allows you to keep germs away from your child while getting your everyday tasks completed. Imagine not having to worry about your child’s health while shopping? Itzy Ritzy makes it possible! Amazing.

The portable Ritzy Sitzy allows for a comfortable, clean yet stylish pad for your one to stay comfortable, relaxed and satisfied while you go about your day. Bonus! It comes with it’s own safety belt that allows for your child to stay safe, secure and protected as you continue with your shopping.

The Itzy Sitzy is a 100-percent cotton cover that is reversible to extend product life and comes in a playful Perky Perennial pink, floral design! Alongside this, there are (2) toy loops and (2) pockets included that allow one to stow keys and a cell phone from dropping to the ground. This shopping cart cover can easily go from fitting one child to stretching to fit the larger “warehouse store” carts that are designed for (2) children.

The cover itself is a perfect gift for a shower! The pattern coordinates with other products in the Itzy Ritzy line that allows a parent to look both modern and stylish no matter where they are. Take a look here! To keep your mind at ease, as children can be messy – the Ritzy Sitzy is machine washable! We highly recommend line drying for easy cleaning. The Itzy Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart Cover comes with a warranty against any manufacturing defects at the time of purchase. Itzy Ritzy products are made out of the highest quality workmanship, machine washable fabrics and are CPSIA certified safe for any baby or child.

Go on, treat yourself and protect your young ones today!


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