Adorable Designs for Baby

Who doesn't love picking out tiny little outfits for the new baby in their life? Whether the baby is yours, family members or friends, shopping for baby clothes is almost irresistible. 

Baby clothes make great gifts to give new parents. Especially if those new parents have more than one new baby in their house or if their baby is extra itty bitty. 

Onesies are the foundation of a baby’s wardrobe. Parents use onesies instead of regular shirts because they have snaps at the crotch, which prevent them from slipping up and exposing the skin on their bellies and back to the cold. A warm and comfortable baby is more likely to be a happy baby and what new parent doesn't want their baby to be as happy as possible? At Along Came Baby we carry a variety of onesies and infant caps with cute sayings on the front to add little personality and humour to any baby's wardrobe. We also carry onesies and layette items for preemies and multiples. Here are just a few:





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