Top 10 Reasons we Love Aden + Anais

It's hard for us to put into words just how much we love Aden + Anais, but we're going to try our best. Here are our top ten favourite things about their brand and their products:

1. Versatile. Their swaddling blankets can double as stroller covers, tummy time blankets, nursing covers, burp cloths and more. 
2. Safe. They solved the problem of loose blankets in the crib with their sleeping bags, removed all harsh ingredients from their products and educate parents on the correct way to swaddle. 
3. Speaking of their swaddles, can you think of a better material than organic cotton muslin?
4. Their towels have hoods. Hoods!
5. They are the CUTEST. The ultimate in baby chic.
6. Durability. The more you wash Aden + Anais products, the softer they get. 
7. Culture. Working at Aden + Anais actually looks like the coolest job in the world.
8. Their Serenity Star. Turns every parent into the ultimate multi-tasker. It's a nightlight, clock, feeding diary & more. A must have.
9. Did we mention their products are adorable? Their simple patterns are timeless and each one has a story behind it. 
10. Education. From their swaddling tutorial videos to the general parenting advice they give on their site, we simply cannot get enough of these fine humans. Read their words, we promise you'll learn some things you never thought of before. 

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