All Year Resolutions

Are you a fan of making New Year's resolutions? Do you find you're able to keep them for the whole year? If you're able to, then congratulations! You're more committed than 99.999999% of the population! If you have a hard time keeping your resolutions, then how about try this easy tweak: instead of making a resolution on January 1st, why not commit to improving one aspect of your life year-round? Here are five easy ways to be a better parent and a better YOU all year round:

Surprise your kids regularly

 From lunchbox notes to secret messages on bananas, it's the little gestures that will make your little ones smile throughout the day. Aim for one little surprise a week and feel great about it all year long.

Eat better year-round

There are lots of family-friendly meals out there that are both nutritious and delicious. Put in the extra effort and have meals that both mommy, daddy and baby will love like these tacos.  

Make exercise fun

 We all know that vacuuming can be a workout in itself, but if you make exercise a little more fun for baby, it's a lot easier for you to wrap your head around it too! Squats with baby on your shoulders, dance parties, a jogging stroller or simply try crawling around with baby. There are lots of ways to sneak some fitness into your life year-round.

Family time first

Spending time with the whole family year-round is one of the easiest changes you can make and it makes a huge difference in so many areas. Happiness is part of being healthy and we might argue that mental wellbeing is one of the most important things you can focus on. So be sure to set aside some time for family getaways, adventures and meals together throughout the year. We're all busy but it's not worth letting work get in the way of family. 

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