How to Pack the Perfect Lunch

We're one month into back to school and if you're anything like us, you're already struggling to keep school lunches interesting. Luckily for you, there are literally thousands of ideas floating around on the internet. Even luckier for you, we've taken the time to curate a list of some of our faves for you to bookmark and use over the next few months! Perfect Pizza Parcels Instead of leftover pizza, pack your kids' lunchbox with this tasty treat. The thing we like the best about this recipe is you can substitute ingredients and make these little pizza pockets as indulgent or as healthy as you like. And your kids will love them either way! DIY Tacos Make all the other kids in the cafeteria jealous with this homemade lunchable kit. Pack different toppings in different containers and voila! You have a DIY taco lunch that your kid is going to love. Banana and Bacon French Toast Soldiers It's kind of like a brunch sandwich. It might get a little sticky but it will totally be worth it when your little one comes home with an empty lunchbox and a full tummy. Save a couple sticks for yourself too! Scrambled Egg Cupcakes One thing we always forget for bagged lunch is eggs. These easy egg "cupcakes" are probably less work than making a sandwich every day, and maybe even a little bit more healthy. Substitute whatever veggies your little ones like and send them to school with brunch instead of lunch. Turkey Caesar Sandwich For the more refined palettes, (or if you want to double up and make yourself a lunch as well), this turkey caesar sandwich is a real treat. The caesar dressing really kicks things up a notch and gives you a lunch you won't be able to wait to eat. And while you're at it, pack all these tasty lunches into one of our super adorable Ju-Ju-Be lunch boxes. Happy lunching!

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