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Safety First

May 21, 2013

Safety is an important part in raising a healthy, happy child. From protecting your child from everyday dangers to some things you would never expect, we want to help! Protect their ears 1 banz_silver This may not be the first thing you think of with a small child, but protecting their ears from loud noises is very important to help prevent long-term hearing problems. The Baby Banz ear protectors are great for children over the age of 6 months and will protect their hearing at sporting events, concerts, car races, air shows or in loud vehicles. Weighing in at 190 grams, these earmuffs are a no-brainer. Protect their skin 2 thinksport_sunscreen_lg The sun's rays are harsh and it is more important than ever to protect the whole family's skin when playing outside in the summer heat. Thinksport sunscreen is scent-free, water-resistant, not chemical based, made in the USA and much more. It is a great option for the whole family. Protect their eyes 3 banz_goggles_blue Does your child love to swim but panic whenever they get water in their eyes? These goggles are fog-proof, UV protective and super comfortable. Splash away, little ones! Protect their lives 4 child on route - princes Safety is probably your first concern while you're on the road, but it might be nice to send a subtle reminder to those driving around you that you have a little prince or princess on board. They'll be more likely to ease off the gas and pay closer attention to the road. Protect from electricity 5 Coverplug_lg There are many everyday dangers in the home. We found these electrical outlet covers to be both aesthetically pleasing and effective. Protect from bug bites 6 Butterfly Weed_in the bush_lg No one likes to spend their summers scratching away at pesky bug bites and traditional bug sprays often contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to you and your baby. Butterfly Weed's Citronella Body Oil is a deet free, non-toxic alternative. Protect from germs 7 peanut shell_shop cover_dahlia_lg Germs are lurking everywhere--especially on shopping carts. Our shopping cart cover will make your shopping experience more comfy for your little ones and they won't come directly in contact with the germs that might be on that cart. It also doubles as a high chair cover for when you are dining out.

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