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Welcome to Sophie the Giraffe

March 18, 2013

Since May 25th, 1961 (St. Sophie's day, hence the name) Sophie the Giraffe has been a staple in many households in France and then gradually expanding across the globe. We're excited to announce that we are adding Sophie to the roster of brands available from Along Came Baby. sophie_sticker Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree and she looks the same today as she did when she was born back in 1961. Sophie thanks her success on her ability to stimulate each of a baby's senses from the age of 3 months, and is proud to call herself "baby's first toy" in many households. How does a rubber giraffe stimulate ALL of my baby's senses, you ask? Well..... Sight: At 3 months, a baby's eyesight is limited. Sophie is light with dark spots and the contrast in her colouring makes her very easily recognizable to a young baby. Hearing: Sophie has a squeaker which keeps the baby entertained and stimulates the hearing sense. Once your baby's hearing has developed a little further, the little one will start to recognize the link between cause and effect with touching the squeaker and hearing the sound. Taste: Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint. She is safe to chew, soft and the rubber has a recognizable taste. Her texture is great for soothing sore gums during the teething age. Touch: Sophie is soft to the touch, soothing and comforting like a mother's skin. The familiarity of Sophie's texture stimulates a soothing psychological and emotional response which promotes healthy growth and wellbeing. She is also very light and her long legs and neck are easy for your baby to grasp. Smell: The Hevea tree's rubber has a distinct, but subtle smell which makes it easily identifiable among all your baby's other toys. sophieSophie is one of the most popular toys of ALL TIME and we're SO happy to have her and some of her friends added to our product lineup. We have 11 Vulli products available. Shop now.  

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