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Maternity Clothing Does & Don'ts

February 27, 2012

Have you found in your pregnancy that you have many questions and just can't seem to find the answers?  If so, you're not alone.  Many women struggle with finding the answers to some of their most basic questions during this special time.  In this article we will discuss some of the questions you might have, and offer some helpful tips as well. When to Switch to Maternity Clothes Switch into your maternity clothing as early as possible.  Most women want to put it off, but they don't realize one important fact.  Maternity clothes are extremely comfortable. As your body goes through changes, it becomes more sensitive and your regular clothes will get more and more uncomfortable.  Make the switch and give your body a break. To extend the life of your non-maternity pants, use a simple elastic hair tie looped through the button hole and over the button, zipping the pants only as far as you can. With a long shirt or an elastic maternity band to cover the top of your pants, no one can tell that they are technically unbuttoned.  This trick can help you buy some time and avoid buying too many maternity clothes. Buying New Clothes Don't buy new clothes when you are trying to get pregnant or right after you find out you're expecting.  These clothes will only get worn for a few weeks or months before you need to transition into maternity outfits.  Instead save your money for maternity clothes or spend it on size-less items like bags and scarves. Pregnancy is full of unanswered questions.  Sometimes you just don't know where to turn when you have them, yet answering them can feel more important than anything.  In this article we have discussed some of the most asked questions related to maternity does & don'ts, so we hope that it has eased some of your confusion. For a look-see at our maturity wear, click here!

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