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Checklist: What to Buy for a New Baby

January 05, 2011

When you know you're pregnant, it's hard to think of a list of things a new baby needs.  That’s why we’ve complied a list to make it easier for you to follow.

Baby Clothes

Baby Care Items - Toiletries new baby needs for bath times!

  • No tears shampoo and bubble bath.
  • Baby wipes and Sudocrem cream for those sore little bottoms.
  • Baby nail clippers.
  • Baby lotion or some form of baby moisturiser. After your baby is first born he may get very dry skin.
  • Soothers, dummies, pacifiers.
  • Infacol or Gripe Water, just in case your baby has colic.
  • Use baby powder sparingly so that your doesn't inhale the powder. Some health professionals recommend not to using powder.
  • Plastic changing mats.

Furnishings You’ll Need For a New Baby

Some of these are optional, so don't think you have to go out and buy them all.

Things a New Baby Needs for Feeding Time

  • Bottles, there are a vast variety available, have a good look around and ask the store people advice on which are the best.
  • Bottle warmers are mobile and prevent frequent trips to the kitchen to feed your baby.
  • If you intend to breastfeed, breast pumps will come in handy if your baby stays with grandparents or others for the night.
  • Steam or cold water sterilizer.  If choosing cold water sterilizing you'll need sterilizing fluid.
  • Formula milk, either powder or ready made.
  • Bottle brush.
To fully understand what your newborn baby needs, it is important that parents work closely with their baby’s pediatrician. There may be things that parents do not know that the doctor can recommend to them.

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