Breast Feeding Made Easy

Are you looking for high quality nursing apparel or fashionable breastfeeding clothing that is light, durable and stylish? Look no further, Momzelle Breastfeeding t-shirts are made entirely with you in mind as they make breastfeeding easy and stress-free! Coming in a variety of different colours and styles, the crisscross nursing top is an extremely cute, fashionable and stylish piece that is easy to throw on and be comfortable. Absolutely no one will know that it is a nursing top!

In regards to the make of the piece, the top is 94% organic cotton with 6% spandex that  screams comfort. The piece itself is entirely designed to flatter the postpartum figure, with universal breast openings that ensure both a discreet and comfortable breastfeeding experience. The bust of the top is created to hold 1-2 cup sizes bigger, that make it extremely easy to wear. The top itself is long throughout the body with an adjustable width at the hips that showcases both a sleek and chic look that is cozy, snug and relaxed. The Momzelle sizing has been tested with Mothers all over the world that make it easy for us to serve you. Always a medium? Then you are a medium with us too! As of right now, the top retails at approximately $44.99 but will last forever! They make perfect gifts for new mothers that are looking for something both comfortable and stylish, get yours today!

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