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Fast and Easy Baby Recipes (8-10 Months)

May 11, 2016

Fast and Easy Baby Recipes (8-10 Months)

Safe to say that mealtimes can be stressful for both parents and young children alike; however, with our quick meal ideas and options parents will be able to make a nutritious meal with the tasty ingredients you have in your home right now. Please be aware of the age of the baby, their eating habits and whether or not they can handle hard foods.

  1. Grilled Cheese and Shredded Meat or Vegetables

    Step 1: Prepare grilled cheese sandwich as you would for an adult

    Step 2: Puree, chop or shred meat chunks into tiny ‘bits’ or crumbles and puree or chop vegetables so that they are appropriately sized

    Step 3: Place meat between the cheese layers

    Step 4: Grill the sandwich and cute into little pieces; serve when cooled

  2. Twins’ Rice Balls (Inspired by those who love to mash and roll their rice meals)

  • Cooked rice
  • Veggie or fruit of choice
  • Meat of choice


    Step 1: Cook rice as you normally would

    Step 2: Puree rice until it achieves a paste-like consistency

    Step 3: Add veggie or fruit into the puree a bit more

    Step 4: Add a meat of your choice and add puree a bit more

    Step 5: Now, mixture should be a bit pastier but not so thick that it cannot be easily eaten by a baby

    Step 6: Shape into little balls and serve either heated or as is. This mixture is great for those practicing with spoons, as the food will cling.
  1. Pasta Rings

  • Ditalini or other small pasta
  • Veggies, cheese and meats


    Step 1: Cook ditalini (or any other choice of pasta) accoding to package directions

    Step 2: Drain pasta

    Step 3: Place pasta in a bowl and toss with: 
  • Butter and grated cheeses
  • Cubed, cooked vegetables
  • Cubed, cooked meats

    Step 4: Serve in a bowl or baby tray


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