Are You Ready?

The annual Ju-Ju-Beach event took place in Abalone Beach, organized by Marque
Communications and hosted by Missy’s Pop Up Shop. The venue itself was presented and showcased with breathtaking scenery, offering a fun and festive theme that appealed to both friends and family alike.

Both celebrities and bloggers enjoyed the venue along the private beach, being entertained by various activities, guests and great music. As the day progressed, guests received a preview of the newest Ju-Ju-Be line "The Onyx Collection". This collection alone showcases four new prints, each with a fun mix-and-match lining. Strongly targeted towards those that are fashion forward, the new Ju-Ju-Be bag features a matte black hardware that is absolutely gorgeous.

Like every other Ju-Ju-Be bag, The Onyx Collection features machine washable fabrics with the latest technical treatments. The print is not what you want its what you need; everything you’ve ever dreamt of, want and need all in one place. Make it yours on April 26.

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